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Clothing Lockers

The Junior League of Greater Alton worked to address the issue of clothing insecurity in our schools by establishing a Locker program in each of the district's kindergarten through fifth grade schools. We took over the management of this program in October 2022. We intend to expand this program to all Alton schools by 2023.


As part of the locker program, new clothing will be provided to children in need to help them gain the confidence and pride they deserve through personal shopping requests and by providing school lockers stocked with basic clothing needs for teachers, counselors and administrators to utilize for children throughout the school year with basic clothing needs.

Request are usually filled within one week.

Nominate a child to receive:

2 New outfits, a new pair of shoes, a pack of socks and a pack of underwear.


One child will be randomly chosen once a week. Those not chosen will remain on list until filled. 

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